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Our Mission

To empower patients through 1-on-1 care focused on blending physical therapy with strength and conditioning principles in order to get patients better, faster, with less chance of reinjury.

What We Offer

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Discover the Root of Your Pain

Our thorough biomechanical assessment process helps you find out why your body is hurting and how to get back on track so that you may resume all your favorite activities. Take control today, and start feeling better!

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Fix Your Problem Areas

We’re committed to helping you reach your goals and achieve pain-free strength. With our personalized treatment plans, we’ll provide the tools needed to get you back on track in an effective and efficient way.

Step 3:

Stay At Optimal Performance

Once we get you back to exercising pain free, we’ll implement strategies to get you performing at an even higher level than you were prior to your injury. We want to help protect your body from further damage by giving you strategies that will keep it in top-notch shape.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About InspireHealthPT: Dr. Juan Guzman, PT in Wynwood/Edgewater

24+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Krishan A.

Juan is one of the best physical therapists in Miami. He helped me overcome a slipped disk in my back and get me back to full physical activity. He doesn’t just treat the symptoms but works to strengthen and improve your body to avoid future injury.

- Josef S.

“Thank you to Juan for the continued help and training. When I started, I came in with a knee injury, barely able to walk. With Juan’s guidance, and patience for my antics, I’m more well off than I’ve ever been. I don’t know where I would be without his great knowledge and ability. “

- Donte H.

“Juan is one of a kind! Nobody inspires and motivates me to be my best self in a workout. He knows his stuff, and is a magician when it comes to getting you to where you used to be and beyond. I trust Juan, and you can take that to the bank. “
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Get To Know Dr. Juan Guzman

Dr. Juan Guzman has been in the fitness industry for the past 12 years and has worked in many different facilities as a coach as well as consultant, including: Orangetheory fitness, Barry’s Bootcamp, Kamps fitness, Antidote Wellness labs, Cinderfit and ERA fit. During his time in the group fitness industry, Juan has worked with all levels of clientele and believes that anyone, with the right coaching and mindset in place, can reach their health and wellness goals. Juan has had a passion for working in health his entire life but this passion grew to a profession as he pursued his doctoral degree in physical therapy in 2015. As a physical therapist, Juan strives to educate his clients about optimal pain-free movement and how to take control of their short-term limitations to prevent them from becoming lifelong disabilities. Juan has worked with many types of clients including post-surgical, pre-surgical, NFL athletes, high-school and collegiate athletes but has a specialty in treating active adults.

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